Path of the Dauntless

On to this desert we walk, night all along; With stars upon the heathen sky and blood within the weary soul We know not, where we walk, nor where we go   Illusions and wind, an oasis of relief For we walk miles to be upon this meander! Lost am I, you ask? Or lost […]

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Dreams of sapphire, crystal white, Flourishes seeds of poppy in the night….   Laze around this strange land, upon the grass with mind running high Imagine none, imagine all, or let it run deep…   Cause in land of sleep.. Poppies arouse desires strong Never felt nor heard of !!!   “Traveler weary come hither; […]


Art of Fighting

Life’s not a symphony of joys and sorrows, nor is it a score unsettled!! It’s neither sinful nor sane, nor bound by any saints!! Its, but a war untold…With no armor and ammo Only a fist and fury to go!! None to guide, none to gain, Yet a fight, of no mere pain. It’s not […]

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HaPPY to Be ALiVe …..

Long time gone since you cried, Long time gone since you had a real smile… You believe all’s fake and nothing’s to change; That life’s a torment with people at stake And you don’t think that your are worth the wait…!! Then hold on dear….and touch the heart See the light… in the dark Let […]

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