So blog it is! or is it?

Well, I hope you did not read about me, for it could cloud your perceptions and possibly immobilize your thoughts and we would not want that to happen; at least not for my very first post! YES! This is my first post…so you better read it and comment.

Now, comes the hard part, what should the post be about? Hmm….any suggestions..I mean I have a free website, a great name, but a great topic?! ……..

My blog…yes my blog! That’s it! I will tell you about my blog!

So why Pentagon…well has 5 sides. But why blog on pentagon life? Pentagon is a geometrical design, not even on a 3D Scale, literally non existent without pen and paper. No, that is not true….and here is why pentagon life, is all about five ways to see life in full….

The FIVE rhyme :

  1. Hive – Make a home
  2. Wive – Love someone
  3. Live – Become self aware
  4. Dive – Take risk for that is how you learn
  5. Jive – Party and enjoy

And herewith, I welcome you to the Pentagon Life!

Bon Voyage

Manav Hada


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