5 Reasons why song is easier to remember than a post!

Yes! We all remember the nursery rhymes, the jingles, the crazy songs and the beats that go along with all that; but when it comes to pages of knowledge, we go blank.

Lets see why? I mean everything consist of letters, so it should be all relatable…..

  1. All letters are sounds and when we make them rhyme it reaches to more than our ears. It makes our brain attentive. Like “Roses are red, Grass is green, you ain’t gonna like the med, but that how’s it is!” instead of saying “You are not going to like the medicine. But have it!”
    See the difference…..former one makes you smile and you might at least take the tablet while the latter makes your taste buds sour.
  2. When words/letters are stringed together, into one nice rhyme, it makes the pauses a lot more smaller. What does that mean? Well it means less brain ache, as words are remembered as one big word due to the tune within the rhyme (try playing the word game, with the next player telling words that rhyme with yours. You will remember all the words easily!)
  3. Rhyme makes you think of more than just words. It increases your horizon. Words are not limited to their direct meaning. That is why poets are associated as deep thinkers (yes blame the poets for multiple uses of the word and those tongue twisters)
  4. Rhyme makes it artistic, it is like visual aid to your ears. “Where there is a will there is  way”. You actually visual “WILL” and “WAY”
  5. Rhymes are faster to read, because of the tune it carries. Try reading Khalil Gibran’s poetry vs Leo Tolstoy’s books and I am sure you will finish the former faster.

Have a viewpoint? Do comment!

Manav Hada


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