Decoding Indian Astrology – Myth or Reality in disguise?

Yes! Finally I have a topic to write about. ASTROLOGY! Awesome right?

I mean, everyone of us likes to know about our future, or not? And then we have Indian Astrology, a promise to predict your future so well, that you might just leave it to the experts.

Spoiler Alert!

Information shared here may impair your thinking process, hence proceed with caution.

Indian astrology is a brilliant science, perfected over the years. Wait! Did I just say science? Well yes it is! But if it is so, then can we replicate it and know our future? No!

That is where misconceptions arise. Astrology was never meant to predict your perfect future. It was meant as a tool to guide people. Let me tell you the five things essential for designing Indian astrology and you will notice the science behind it.

  1. Condition at birth – Indian astrology marks the position of the stars, to understand the weather/climate you were born in. So if I was born during cold season (based on the pattern of the stars), I am likely to have been kept in a warmer incubator. Meaning I would be more prone to flu during the year.
  2. Family History – Indian astrology takes into account the family lineage (that is why we have family names in our culture). So based on my lineage, an assumption about my upbringing could be made. This would be a key influence in my thoughts and actions (including my eating habits) and genes!
  3. Location – Indian astrology takes into account the location you were born in (again using stars). Well as you grow, the place where you live accounts a lot for your behavior. As we age, more than 70% of our reaction is due to our societal views. In fact, advanced astrological science mandates recording of location changes over the growth years of a child to understand the changes in behavior. Phew!
  4. Seasons – Indian astrology takes into account the changes in the season (If you have never seen how an astrological map is made, you will be surprised to know that it is accurate to the mini-second). This way it can predict how my health will change over period of years.
  5. Life Stage – When predictions are being made, Indian astrology takes into consideration current life stage of a person to understand key emotion triggering the changes in their life.

Over the years, (like 1000’s of years), these data have been observed and patterns recorded. It may seem an impossible mammoth task, but it is not so! (That is what is happening with all the big data analytics these days)

Indian astrology accounts physical, mental, emotional well being of an individual into one science. It appears fictional, as scriptures have been not completely decoded. But yes it is science! A true astrologer is only telling about our present and future state. He is not predicting our life. He is only informing us about the mental and physical state we will be in future and that is at times the key influence for the decisions we take in life.

One thing it cannot record is major world events and this is where as an individual we enjoy the luxury of enjoying ourselves.

Guess fate did leave us a chance after all!

Well that’s it for now. Please do comment and share your views.

Manav Hada


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