Is this all real? Figuring enlightenment

Since ages, there are five words that have eluded us so well, that even if we wanted to break free from them, we would not be able to. I feel Lord Buddha could get enlightenment because he choose to ignore these five words.

You ask what are these and why is it so hard for us to break from them. Well read on…

  1. Sense of Time
    Time is one word, that is considered unity in world of Physics. Everything I can be explained through Time. It is such an incredible word, that we have time management, time theory, even timed opportunities.
    Heard of the quote – “Right Place, Right Time, Strike a Mine”; well that important is Time. Then we have people, saying that we have to leave in the present, for past is history and future is mystery. My only question is how would someone live in the present, when we have seconds, minutes, hours, months, years to all account for.
    Yes, opportunities exist. We have to work for them, but Time is not a measure of the opportunity. It is merely there to ensure that we get those lovely springs, those beautiful rain drops and that awesome snow coming by, year on year.
    Managing time is managing self? No! Managing thoughts is managing self! I can learn to sing today, or I can sing tomorrow, only difference is how I sing and what. But sing I will.
  2. Sense of Security/Belonging
    This is beautiful feeling. Feeling of being part of society, part of a family, part of one’s life. It is this sense of feeling secured that makes us think, yes, we are the only one important.
    But think again. Security is so over-rated (we have PC viruses as example, and Google Analytics, and so many). Everything is an instance in life. We are meant to live in that instance. But, we feel so incomplete within that we want to be part of something.
    And the best part is (spoiler!), any job we apply for, they would like to know how many clubs/committees we have been part of. Like we have taken this as an ability to socialize. More we socialize the better a person is. Hmmm….seems being independent is a myth. I mean Lord Buddha left everything for enlightenment. He must be a not so social person I think then.
  3. Sense of Esteem/Ego/Power/Success
    This is the toughest one! If sense of belonging is one thing, sense of being in control is another. Success in itself is a very vague term. People tend to associate success with so many things.
    Like for me success is being contented. But then can I be contented all the times (especially when there is a power outage and I cannot watch my favorite episodes). I mean, we like to have things in our control so much, that there is an entire change management process available online to manage change. Wow! Metamorphosis, a word so amazing, now creeps everyone out.
    And to top it, there is this Ego that stems along with it. It is like, an invisible shield that we are not to touch. You touch and boom….people go blasting. Oh! and I forgot, now a days we have managers who manage change. And they go about saying “We have so much work to do. Never know what may happen!”. I mean, change is supposed to send us an invite before it arrives…crazy. (And no words on work, they would have an entire team to manage all your activities)
  4. Sense of Knowledge/Truth
    Yes! My favorite. I am an engineer and I should be able to repair the generator (I can one, though), but that is so binding. I am also a singer (bathroom singer), dancer, sales person and what not!
    As I kid I can be anything, so can I be when I am an adult. But we have this thing we being a specialist. Like, car can be repaired perfectly by a mechanic. If everyone got  that exposure, everyone would be a mechanic. And this specialist culture, somewhere even contributes to our ego. Like our job profiles!
    We have restricted the knowledge and as well as made it seem so meaningless at the same time (like learning of alphabets, everyone should know. I ask why? I want my own alphabets. Not these 26 ones). Here is another thing, that is confusing is the truth. I mean everything in this world is man made. We defined meter, we defined planetary system (planets, stars, galaxies). If we have defined everything, where does truth fit in.
    It is like I create a sculpture, name it “My Work” and people can only call it my work and nothing else. It literally robs the sculpture of its beauty (unless you are a specialist who is to study that in detail). If many specialists like it, it will become a tourist attraction. Yes! I have got fame. Now let me rot in my ego!
    I would be in fact happy, learning everything (and I am succeeding at it, at least in my standards)
  5. Sense of Material/Wealth
    How can I forget this. This is that one word, where people have argued, fought, and literally waged wars for centuries. Yes I need clothes to wear, food to eat and lots of internet to type this post.
    But what do I actually need? I need enough clothes to save me from heat and cold, I need enough food to let me survive my day and I need enough social interaction so that I do not bore millions of people online.
    But we are like I need this, I need that. This is mine and only mine. The concept of sharing is like poof! Gone! I get it, we are materialistic, but hogging!
    This has contributed so much to the entertainment industry, health and wellness industry, financial institutions and what not. I wonder at times, if we were not after materialistic wealth (be it money, spices, furniture, metal, gold), probably thieving would be a myth. A lot of vocabulary may have been removed. Our dictionary would have been lighter.


Guess I have finally figured enlightenment. All I need now is a tree under which I can meditate. But wait! Where are the trees? They have been all cut down. Looks like the world will have to wait for my enlightenment 😉

Let me know your views.

Manav Hada


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