About the blog owner!

Manav, is a student of innovation and always learns everything with a pinch of salt. Having carved a niche with his not so profound wisdom, he now dons the cape to mislead an entire generation of people! He is an avid star gazer, likes to walk mindlessly and eats to keep himself fat (the three most dying classes within today’s society).

His friends, in case you ever meet, which the owner (Manav) hopes you do not, will tell you the joys of not meeting him. After all, there is always one friend, who is toughest to catch. Oh ya! I drive at 40kmph! (Damn fast I tell ya…!)

His current pursuits, deals with him destroying earphones every month and then figuring out ways of repairing them. As on May 2017, 15 earphones have met their creator in a year. So earphones beware!

Apart from this, he is a geek, who keeps surprising people even at times when it is least required. Cause happiness has no schedule. 

Yes you may contact him at your own risk! But before you contact him, do buy some pasta, veggies, and some sauces. Because, when food is involved, meeting people becomes a lot more merrier.

So have fun reading the blog….and if you ever learn anything… pass it on!

-Manav Hada

I write, I type, I draw! After all writing is like painting with a rule book 🙂